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Hungary and Slovakia have to accept refugees

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | World News

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) has rejected a complaint from Hungary and Slovakia against the redistribution of refugees in the EU. According to the highest European court, the binding quotas adopted by the EU were right.

"The mechanism is helping Greece and Italy deal with the effects of the refugee crisis," the ruling stated. In 2015, the EU Member States agreed at the height of the refugee crisis on the distribution key, according to which each Member State should include a certain number of migrants. The redistribution is admissible as a temporary measure and is also appropriate to relieve Greece and Italy, the Court ruled.

Only people with good asylum chances affected
They are affected by people who have good chances of asylum, for example because they come from the civil war country Syria. Since then, the decision has repeatedly caused disputes within the EU; Poland, for example, has so far refused to accept refugees.

For two years, Slovakia and, above all, Hungary have fought bitterly against the distribution of refugees in Europe. Finally, they filed suit. In their view, the obligation undermines their sovereignty and endangers the security of citizens in times of attacks. As a result, the states almost did not accept any refugees.

Penalties are now possible
The ECJ now found that the decision was then properly taken. A formal law involving the national parliaments was not required. The Treaty of Lisbon authorizes the EU institutions to "take all the provisional measures necessary to react effectively and quickly to an emergency characterized by the sudden influx of displaced persons".

 Should Hungary, Slovakia or other EU countries continue to block the decision and the reception of refugees, the EU Commission could, on a sound legal basis, pursue so-called infringement proceedings, which ultimately result in high fines. The Brussels authorities had already taken the first steps towards this end in June against Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.


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