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Huawei: Deutsche Telekom shows 5G in the regular network in Berlin

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom is showing a live 5G connection in the Berlin district of Schöneberg using the network equipment Huawei. This was announced by Telekom on September 1, 2017 at Ifa. The 5G connection reaches more than two gigabits per second with a latency of three milliseconds. The frequency spectrum is used at 3.7 gigahertz.

Claudia Nemat, Telekom's Technology and Innovation Board, said: "The trial was carried out on a regular basis and not in the laboratory. We use Huawei 5G New Radio technology according to the CEO." 5G NR equipment has been deployed after the current 3GPP release 15, said Huimin Zhu, vice president, 5G, at Huawei.
If you use this variant for eMBB, for example, you use 4G and use the 5G-NR carrier frequencies, in order to increase the data rate and at the same time reduce the latency, explained Telekom. The specifications of the system used are expected to be published by 3GPP in December 2017. eMBB (Evolved Mobile Broadband) stands for the increased distribution of 360-degree video content, augmented reality, virtual reality applications and the massive consumption of 4K videos.
Technikchef speaks about 5G terminals
Bruno Jacobfeuerborn said, "Once the standard is defined and public, 2018 will put the foundations for further expansion on a larger scale and offer mass market equipment as soon as it becomes available."
The attempt by Telekom and Huawei succeeded in the partnership 5G: House. 5G is intended to provide at least one data transfer rate of 100 Mbps for the end user anywhere in the network. The new mobile radio standard is expected to reach 10 GB / s by 2020 and 20 GB / s for some applications, with a very low latency of less than 1 millisecond and high availability. Globally, 100 billion mobile phones will be accessible at the same time.


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