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Huawei: Atlas points the way to the cloud and to AI

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Gadgets

Huawei has presented the Cloud Hardware Platform at its own Huawei Connect 2017 company conference. Under this name, the group assigns cloud services to be implemented using Fusion Server G, a Huawei server system. The service should be customized for customers.

Huawei promotes the provision of resources in logical servers in seconds. The company is somewhat vague in its description, but it will probably be virtual machines hosted in the cloud. The offer can therefore be understood as a classic infrastructure as a service (IaaS).
Huawei orchestrates and manages the resources provided and can extend or subtract them as needed. So a customer gets only as much graphics power, processor cores and mass storage as necessary. Huawei's own IP cores are up to 50 percent more efficient than traditional x86 hardware. Self-developed processors such as the Kirin-970, which is introduced at the Ifa 2017, are already used in Huawei smartphones.
Atlas is ready for AI applications
As an important argument, Huawei supports the support of Atlas for Artificial Intelligence. "While the AI ​​era is approaching, traditional hardware can not meet the conditions for the development of AI and cloud technologies," said Huawei IT server product manager Qiu Long. AI is usually associated with a very high resource expenditure.

Huawei may use a Neural Processing Unit (NPU), which is installed on the Kirin 970 chip. The platform is also to be suitable for high performance computing. However, Huawei does not specify whether a pre-built framework or the like is provided for the development of such applications.
Atlas is an IaaS offer, a competing product to already established brands such as Amazon Web Services and the Amazon S3 platform or Microsoft Azure. In Europe and North America, Huawei will therefore have to face a strong competition. On the home market in China, the company is already at the forefront.


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