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HTTP Error 418: error code "I am a teapot" may remain

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | Gadgets

The HTTP congestion code 418 – "I am a teapot" introduced in 1998 as April Scherz will not disappear from popular projects. The draft code was written by Larry Masinter of the Internet Engineering Taskforce, an initiative of the Australian programmer Mark Nottingham for abolition was now rejected. The code says: "418 I am a teapot, every attempt to brew coffee with me should be answered with the status code 418 'I am a teapot'."

Originally conceived as a joke about "many bad HTTP extensions", the status code developed a life of its own and was implemented in several projects, such as Google's Go programming language, Node.js and Asp.Net. Nottingham had proposed to remove the code in several repositories because the number might be needed later for other, more important purposes. "Please consider hiding 418 from Go HTTP because it is not a proper HTTP status code (not even your own definition). I know it's fun and that some people have developed their own implementations for fun, but that Core protocol should not be contaminated. "
418 must remain
But Nottingham's proposal was not received very warmly by the community, as Gizmodo reports. Quickly under the motto "We are the teapots" the website Save418.com was launched to substantiate the considerable necessity of the code. For Code 418 is "a reminder that the processes underlying the computer are still made by humans." It would therefore be very unfortunate to "go see."

The initiator of the application for extinguishers, Mark Nottingham, was obviously convinced of the argument. In the meantime, he has submitted an application to the IETF to reserve the status code instead of removing it. And so teapots can remain an important part of the Internet without Internet-of-Things technology.

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