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HQ2: Amazon needs another headquarters

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Gadgets

Amazon plans a second headquarters for up to 50,000 employees in North America. This was announced by the world's largest online retailer on 7 September 2017. The company plans to spend an amount of five billion US dollars on construction and operation for the HQ2.

Amazon is reported to be looking for a location, cities can apply. Prerequisites are an airport and proximity to a university. "We expect the HQ2 to be fully equated with our Seattle headquarters," said Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.
The online retailer has 380,000 employees worldwide. At the Amazon headquarters in Seattle, 40,000 people are currently active in 33 buildings. The expansion of further shipping centers is expected to result in a further 130,000 jobs in the USA by mid-2018.
Amazon: New settlement also in Europe
In Barcelona, ​​Amazon will open a research and development center that focuses on machine learning at the beginning of 2018. Over 100 engineers and scientists are expected to work there. Location is the start-up region 22 @.
Amazon bought the Biosupermarktkette Whole Foods Market in June 2017 for approximately 13.7 billion US dollars. The stock market value of the biomarket chain has halved since 2013. Sales in the stores have been falling since September 2015.
Amazon is also expanding strongly: In Bremen's small neighbor city, according to a media report, another new shipping center from Amazon Germany will emerge. This would be the fourth expansion in Germany, which the online retailer will announce within a few months. Previously, the new sites in Winsen, Dortmund and Frankenthal were presented. Another could follow as Amazon country manager Ralf Kleber in December 2016 had explained.


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