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HP Z8 Workstation: render complex images with 3 TB RAM and 56 CPU cores

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

The hardware manufacturer HP has introduced new workstation computers of the Z8 series. The housing is characterized by a modular design and has been designed as a Midi tower relatively small. Inside, there should be space for up to three graphics cards, 24 RAM banks and two CPU sockets. At the front, there are four slots for a total of eight drives. HP indicates that 48Tbytes of memory and 3Tbyte of memory are available in the maximum configuration.

Intel Xeon processors fit into the dual socket. According to HP, the core number adds up to 56 CPU cores. This figure reaches approximately the summer Xeon Platinum 8100 with 28 cores each. Each of the two processors can then also manage 1.5 TB of RAM. No Windows-10-Pro operating system supports so much memory. Instead, a server version or the recently introduced Windows 10 Pro for Workstations is required.
Up to three Quadro-P6000 graphics cards are added to the processors, the top models of the series with 24 GB of video memory each. In the SLI network, these should be useful for rendering tasks, for example.
Modular plug-in unit with air cooling
The housing is modular. Individual parts can be reached via the side flap as soon as the protective guards are removed. Drives are installed in pairs at the front. In addition, according to HP, the mainboard has nine PCI Express slots, of which seven are available in full size. The power supply is provided via a 1,700 watt power supply.

    The airflow should be optimized. (Picture: HP)

The video also includes six USB ports, two RJ-45 jacks, an RS-232 interface, and even PS2 connectors for older peripherals. HP indicates that the computer must have a Thunderbolt 3 USB type C port. Two USB-type C connectors and two USB Type-A ports are visible on the front panel.
The airflow is directed backwards from the front and the top through the housing. Many components, such as the RAM slots, are built into special air ducts for better cooling. The graphics cards can also suck in cold air from the bottom and blow out at the back.
The HP Z8 workstation, together with the smaller Z6 and Z4 PCs, is expected to be available in October 2017. The selling price begins at 4,500 euros.


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