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How Sandro Cortese could benefit from Intact's departure

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

29. August 2017 – 16:08

Sandro Cortese and Intact go separate ways after the 2017 season

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(cafetheology.org) – After winning the Moto3 World Championship in the 2012 season, Sandro Cortese saw the Moto2 as an intermediate stop on the way to MotoGP. But after five years in the middle category the German statistics are growing. Cortese has been on the podium three times so far and has just finished a season in the top 10. The 27-year-old and the Intact team are heading for the peloton after the current season. Would not Intact have been better off Cortese? "We discussed this issue a year ago, and we realized that too little happened," commented Teamchef Jürgen Lingg in conversation with 'cafetheology.org'. "I was able to talk with Sandro very openly, and I suggested that he might be able to unfold somewhere else, and I was not sure if the family and super-harmonious climate was good for him." At Intact, To lead Cortese to success. "We've tried everything, we've got everything we've got, but every driver needs a little pressure, Sandro is very clever, he knows all of us inside and out, he blows it out and that could be a handicap for him, though "I was able to imagine a year ago that he could achieve better performance in a new environment," notes Lingg.Intact: Changes without effect

Corteses' wishes were implemented at Intact, but they failed

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"In the end we said that we are still going to be a fifth year, but the separation has been quiet, but it will still be part of the Intact family, I think we have found a good solution," the intact- The cortese in a new environment better performances. "We are only experiencing new challenges, and we have not been able to offer Sandro any more, and he has also put a lot of pressure on us to change the Chassish player," says Lingg, changing Kalex To Suter. "But it has not changed much, nothing at all, we've also made changes in the crew, we've got a new Crewchief, a new Chief Mechanic, we've swapped what you can swap Change is the logical consequence. "Good recall at 2014

At the Grand Prix in Brno, Cortese made the Moto2 podium for the first time in 2014

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But the time with the former Moto3 World Champion also gave positive memories to Lingg: "Of course I like to remember the podium in Brno in 2014," he comments, explaining why Cortese had much more to do than finish ninth in 2014 "In 2013, his first Moto2 season was a year of apprenticeship, but in his second season he had a run, he was in the lead in all winter tests, and he finished second in qualifying for the season's start in Qatar But I think it would be the cracking point, if it had been the case, but without this incident it would have been different, I am convinced that he was satisfied with the bike, he had the pace "It was really unfortunate," he said, "and this injury has hampered him for a long time, and he was operated on before Christmas, and he had another horror crash at the subsequent race in Austin Has worked, "reports the Intact boss.


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