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How Microsoft will bring VR technology to the mass market

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Gadgets

The virtual reality market is still lacking momentum. In the case of low-cost solutions, the quality, high-end devices are expensive and expensive to use. Microsoft wants to set new standards on Windows 10 with new devices.

          Microsoft wants to bring fresh air into the market for virtual reality and presented on Friday at the IFA in Berlin new headsets for the immersion in virtual worlds based on Windows 10. As of October 17th, the first devices will be available in stores starting at $ 299, Microsoft's Windows CEO Terry Myerson announced on the edge of the IFA in Berlin. "We want to democratize virtual reality." Despite the name "Windows Mixed Reality" the devices have a so-called opaque display, with which one immerses completely in the artificial world. For professional use Microsoft has its HoloLens for so-called Augmented Reality in the program, at the same time also the real environment remains visible.
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      Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo are among the first Microsoft hardware partners to show their Windows-based VR glasses at the IFA. PC-based devices are so far more expensive and require – such as the HTC Vive – a particularly powerful computer. The now announced headsets are also satisfied with every commercial PC. They should be particularly easy to handle. In addition, sensors and cameral lenses are integrated in the headsets, so that a complex equipment with sensors in the room is no longer required. There was no need for holes to be drilled, Myerson stressed. The common Windows 10 platform should provide sufficient content. The partners also include Steam, a provider of a streaming platform for computer games. The game industry has always been the driving force behind the new technology. Digital marketing in focus Now every week intensified in HORIZONT Print! Interest? Then best to use our current test-read offer with digital marketing focus. Click here to order
According to the Deloitte consultancy, virtual reality stands before the jump into the mass market. Decisive for the success however are inexpensive eyeglasses, into which one as the Bildsprelle the Smartphone.Myerson announced for Windows 10 also the start of the next major update. The "Creators Update" will be available from October 17th. Lenovo had already announced the release date on Thursday evening at the launch of new PCs. "Myers said," this would include numerous features for secure surfing, writing on digital ink, image and video editing, and playing on the PC. With the help of an additional device, Windows 10 is also to be operated alone by eye movement. dpa





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