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Houston sinks in the floods

Monday, August 28th, 2017 | World News

In the south of Texas, the flood catastrophe continues to grow. The metropolis of Houston is particularly affected: large parts of the fourth largest city of the USA are under the influence of Hurricane "Harvey".

Down to the inner city of Houston, streets are impassable, according to authorities, all highways in the area are flooded. Helpers in boats saved people from flooded houses, other residents were raided into the air with the help of helicopters of roofs and brought to safety. The International Airport was closed on Sundays until further notice. At least until September 5, the schools are closed.

Mayor: Not to evacuate was right
Houston's mayor Sylvester Turner defended the decision not to evacuate the metropolis. It was impossible to know the direction of the storm, he said. That is why it was best for the approximately 2.3 million inhabitants of the city to stay in their houses.

  He recalled the case of Hurricane "Rita", in which dozens of people died in 2005, among other things because Houston outfits were clogged with cars. "The decision we made was wise," Turner said. Critics, including the governor of Texas, had accused Turner of making a mistake.

1000 people saved from roofs
According to Turner, the police and the fire department of the city received nearly 6000 calls until Sunday afternoon, more than 1,000 people had been saved. Many of them had fled to the roofs of their houses.

 How dramatic the situation is, a photo that was published on Twitter shows: several residents of a nursing home in Dickinson near Houston, where the water is at least as far as the waist while sitting.

Nursing home resident residing in several feet of water in Dickinson, Texas # Harvey2017https: //t.co/2lrBIapHwy pic.twitter.com/PAK1OfGDYl- CNN (@CNN) August 27, 2017
According to media reports, the owner of the house, who had sent it to his wife – her daughter – on Sunday morning to get help, was told. The daughter, Kimberly McIntosh, told CNN that the recording was genuine. According to this, all the senior citizens in the home were later brought to safety by national guards.

Hundreds of boats in the rescue operation
In the entire disaster area, Governor Greg Abbott, on Sunday, had massive rescue operations with hundreds of boats and dozens of helicopters underway to rescue people from their flooded houses or house roofs. Many volunteers also helped with rescue operations, authorities and eyewitnesses spoke of an overwhelming wave of relief from neighbors and private boat owners.

Many parts of Houston are under water. (Source: DroneBase / AP / dpa)

But the situation is likely to deteriorate even further: According to recent forecasts by meteorologists, it could continue to rain heavily until Thursday or even Friday.

Trump wants to travel to Texas
US President Donald Trump wants to visit the flood area on Tuesday, as the White House communicated. For Trump it is the first major natural catastrophe with which he is confronted in his seven-month term. At the request of Governor Abbott, Trump had already called for emergency on parts of South Texas on Friday. This will enable rapid aid to flow into the disaster area.

Residents are trying to rescue a driver with a kayak in Houston. (Source: Richard Carson / Reuters)

According to Abbott, 3,000 members of the National Guard have been activated and 250 long-haul routes have been closed since the cyclone hit Harvey as a powerful hurricane on Friday evening at Rockport on the Texan coast on the Gulf of Mexico. Since then the tropical storm has been pouring rain from the city of Corpus Christi in the east to Houston in the west, despite a significant slowdown.

Holiday resort without electricity and water
The evacuations continued elsewhere in Rockport, where "Harvey" had hit the ground on his arrival as a second-strong hurricane in the United States for twelve years. In the city with about 10,000 inhabitants, with beautiful beaches and artistic flair as a pearl of the state, practically no infrastructure exists. There is neither electricity nor running water. Nevertheless, many want to stay – and start rebuilding as soon as possible.


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