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Horner wants an amendment to the driving rules: "Not elegant"

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01 September 2017 – 14:05
The Red Bull Teamchef wants drivers not to have to pay for the wrongdoing of the drive manufacturers – withdrawing of constructors' championship points?

Ross Brawn and Christian Horner seem to have some conversation needs


(cafetheology.org) – Red Bull team boss Christian Horner has called for a revision of the Formula 1 regulations, which concerns the criminal offshifts after the change of drive components beyond the season contingent. As the British said in the discussion with 'Sky Sports F1', the current procedure is 'not an elegant solution', because the pilots would be severely affected by the sanctions. "That's wrong, you have to get the thing out," says Horner. "It's not a plus for the show." Many Formula 1 fans also feel robbed of exciting duels, as stronger riders have to leave from behind and no longer intervene in the fight for the positions that suit their goodness. "The idea behind the rules is to lower the drive constraint (to four component sets per season, editor)," says Horner. "What happens is that new engines will be taken despite the penalties and the starting position will be turned upside down." But what can be done to keep the V6 hybrid emissions under control, but the racing action is not diminished? A proposal, which is on the table, revolves around the deduction of points for the constructors' championship. "This would be more elegant than punishing the pilots", finds Horner and can more with the model more befriend than with money penalties. "These drives have in any case provided for higher costs," he complains and fears that the financially strong teams would regard the fines as an investment in their sporting performance and would accept it in a favorable way.

What became reality and what a fever imagination remained

# 10: Driving only the backbanks – she is the big trump of the Williams team. This is not the only reason why the FIA ​​wants to put an end to the active suspension at the Canada Grand Prix in 1993. The advanced but incredibly cost-intensive technology will be classified as a driving aid by the Commissioners in the technical inspection and has been found non-compliance with all teams. The same applies to the cars, which were placed on a traction control.

Background: The systems hydraulically influence the aerodynamics and / or partially deprive the pilot of the propulsion. It is the threat that the Scuderia-Italia rear-runner Michele Alboreto and Luca Badoer are the only starters in Montreal. The ban is postponed until early 1994, but then passed.

The discussion about a novella has long been on the road. After all, Formula 1 sports coach Ross Brawn is personally concerned with the topic. Compared to 'cafetheology.org' he spoke recently of possible update lock as an alternative. Horner complains about a standstill in the strategic group. "The oxygen in the meetings must be different from the fresh air. Reason is thrown out of the window," he shakes his head. Agreements? The plan to reduce the season contingency 2018 to three drive trains seems to be on the verge of testing and possibly be off the table. If you can agree.


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