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Hondas lverbrennung: Learning from Mercedes & Ferrari

Tuesday, September 5th, 2017 | Sports

05. September 2017 – 18:11

Honda did not use the l trick to get closer to the competition

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(cafetheology.org) – Burning the engine to boost engine performance was the technical past of the past months. While Mercedes and Ferrari were in suspicion of improving the performance of Mororenl, especially in qualifying, which led the FIA ​​to reduce the limit values, a name never fell in this context: Honda. Have the already swooning Japanese so abdicate to make use of this trick? "The l is important for the engine, not only as a lubricant, but also during combustion," Hondas project manager Yusuke Hasegawa recalls at the request of 'cafetheology.org'. "It is therefore inevitable that this will have an effect." Mercedes and Ferrari are "perhaps particularly good" in the use of this for the performance increase. "We have to learn something from their performance," says Hasegawa. While Renault has been complaining about the trick of the competition since the start of the season and has asked the FIA ​​to eliminate these horrors in the regulations, Hasegawa sees the matter more calmly Ferrari does not complain. "Honda is a partner of McLaren after the third disappointing season immediately before the end. There is evidence that the Japanese will be supplied with the Toro-Rosso team next season. If it is possible to eliminate the problems with the drive unit, one could also work with Red Bull in the future.


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