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Honda in Spa-Francorchamps with new engine expansion

Friday, August 25th, 2017 | Sports

24. August 2017 – 16:38

Stoffel Vandoorne gets a new Honda drive at Spa

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(cafetheology.org) – The good news for the McLaren drivers ahead of the Grand Prix of Belgium of the Formula 1 in Spa-Francorchamps is that Honda is once again delivering a further development of the drive unit. The bad news is: Since Stoffel Vandoorne's car will be replaced by all the components of the drive unit, he will get a 35-point penalty and start from the last row in his home race. "The penalties were due to the problems we had this season , Inevitably, "says Vandoorne. "Whenever we install new parts in the car, we get a penalty for the start of the race. It's a pity to start the weekend, but the weather makes it possible to do all sorts of things," the Belgian does not want to write off his first home Grand Prix. "We want to make the most of it." The update from Honda concerns the internal combustion engine, but no replacement of the part is necessary. This is why Fernando Alonso comes off without a penalty in Belgium, but he is threatened with the next race in Monza, when an exchange of the drive unit is routine. The Spaniard runs in Spa with version 3.5 of the unit. At Vandoorne the exchange of the components was necessary in Belgium. For this reason, he has already been upgraded to version 3.6. "Leder gets Stoffel a start-up penalty during his home race, but it was important for us to introduce these updates as quickly as possible," explains Motorschef Yusuke Hasegawa. "It is positive that we could make this next step so quickly and will continue as well Of the remaining season updates, "sees the Honda driver on the right track.


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