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Honda fears: McLaren can not be convinced anymore

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Sports

04. September 2017 – 12:21

Picture: A McLaren gives a race after defect on the box

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(cafetheology.org) – Although Honda has made progress with its engine specification 3.7 in Monza, the Japanese fear that this is not enough to convince McLaren of a continuation of the partnership. It is said that a decision is due this week, and according to information from 'cafetheology.org', the signs at McLaren and Honda are on separation. "I'm still trying to get a good performance to convince them – however I'm not sure if it will be enough, "Hondas Motorschef Yusuke Hasegawa expressed skeptical about a stay at McLaren for the first time, although he stressed that Honda would" never give up "the cooperation , McLaren was full-bodied by dominant victories, but so far the era is a single disaster. In just two races you could go to the points at any time in 2017, and reports of lack of power and defects on the drive dominate the scene. Also, the new update in Monza could not help. Even McLaren race director Eric Boullier had to comment on the weekend with a touch of sarcasm. When asked if it was a great advance, he merely said, "It depends on how close you zoom out." A clear side blow towards Honda. McLaren seems to have lost confidence in the Japanese that they can still pull the helm.Honda, on the other hand, seems to heat the rumors of a separation and the uncertain future: "This accelerates our development "says Hasegawa, and is satisfied with the development since the Spec-3 update in Austria. "We've seen performance gains with each upgrade, which is quite encouraging." For Singapore, you are now counting on the next performance leap. In Monza, extra fines had been collected in order to be optimally prepared on the course of the city, because of the fact that there were great opportunities. A big update will not bring Honda there because you will fly with the current engines – maximum other engine settings would be possible. Honda needs urgently a good result in Singapore, but to convince McLaren, this could be too late. For the decision about the future should fall beforehand.


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