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Honda and Toro Rosso sign three-year contract

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Sports

14. September 2017 – 12:44

Toro Rosso is the fourth time in five years the motor partner

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(cafetheology.org) – Toro Rosso has agreed with Honda on a three-year contract for the supply of engines in Formula 1, as sources 'cafetheology.org' have betrayed. Toro Rosso will be able to plan for the first time in the long term after a phase with a wide range of engines. The agreement between the Japanese engine manufacturer and the Italian team thus goes to the end of the current regulation cycle. 2021 is to come a new regulations, which mixes the cards.Uniginally, Red Bull and Honda had started talks, after an agreement of the Japanese with Sauber had failed. It was about supplying a second team to collect more data. McLaren had originally been an exclusive right to the Honda engines since Honda's return to the Formula 1 season 2015, which was only ready to soften this season. Now that McLaren has completely separated from Honda, the Japanese suddenly went to the 1.Toro Rosso turn again in the past years a true engine dyssey: after a longer phase of stability with Ferrari engines one changed in the course of the new regulations for 2014 on Renault engines, in order to establish a uniform playing field with Red Bull. After the Red Bull and Renault 2015 had crashed, Toro Rosso got again Ferrari engines for 2016, however on the state of the previous year. In 2017, the team from Faenza returned to Renault, only to change to Honda for 2018. Three-year stability is expected to be good for the team.Toro-Rosso-Honda could also prove a test run for a new marriage Red Bull Honda from the Formula 1 season 2019. It is known that Red Bull is similarly dissatisfied with the Renault engines as McLaren was with the Honda engines. Apparently the bulls in Honda see more potential than in the French drive unit. The first part of the Renault divorce has been completed at Toro Rosso. Red Bull will soon have to look for a new partner. As Ferrari and Mercedes, as in 2015, have no intention of extending their engine supplies beyond the current teams, Red Bull would not be left with any other option than to team up with Honda. TAG would have to become a pure sponsor in such a case. However, a lot of gasoline will run along the flow restrictors …


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