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Homekit: Elgatos Smart Home Eve to be faster with iOS 11

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Gadgets

Elgato gave an outlook at the Ifa on the future of its own smart home system Eve. The most interesting innovation is the software page for customers who already have the system. With iOS 11, Apple's homekit specification has been extended, which has a significant acceleration in the overall system as a pleasant side effect. According to Elgato, individual messages of the components are now sent encrypted. A complete, timely negotiation is no longer required.

At the Ifa we could already see the effect. The smart home components responded very quickly. Notifications, such as a door sensor, came under iOS with very little delay. The Eve app from Elgato needed a little more time. But even this was faster than what we are accustomed to with iOS 10 or the problematic iOS 9 under which we tested Eve. With iOS 11, follow-on actions are to be used. Whoever opens the door, for example, gets a light in his home.
The new iOS 11 alone is not enough. The firmware of the Smart Home components must also be updated. When this happens exactly, Elgato could not say on demand. The firmware must be submitted to Apple for certification. But since Homekit is not yet ready for iOS 11, the procedure can still take some time. With the release of iOS 11 itself, it will probably be nothing.
Apart from software changes, there are also new products, for example for irrigation of plants. Eve Aqua is a special feature of the smart-home devices, which are mandatory iOS 11. Homekit in iOS 10 does not know any irrigation class. Elgato is also planning a new thermostat (Eve Thermo), which now has buttons and a display. The device has been designed with Eurotronic. With Yale, an Assa Abloy company, Eve Lock was developed, a Bluetooth door lock that also has a key backup. There is also a smoke detector (Eve Smoke) soon. A window sensor for Eurorahmen was also shown. This recognizes not only the status "open" but also "tipped". The latter, however, only sees the Eve app. IOS 11, on the other hand, only knows "open" or "too" in notifications. Except for Eve Thermo, which is to be launched for around 70 Euros at the end of September 2017, Elgato could not name prices or availability dates.


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