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Home cable television Fiber: Telekom puts two glass fibers into the home

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017 | Gadgets

Deutsche Telekom's TV cable network division is moving a new fiber optic cable for the first time to a cable-TV reception into the apartment. This was announced by the company on 30 August 2017. This form of network topology calls the Telekom home cable television fiber (ZKFF).

As before, the company does not relocate only one fiber optic for IP television (entertainment), Internet and telephony, but also a separate fiber optic for the reception of cable television.
The expansion will take place in the new Weilburger Straße building in Frankfurt am Main. The building area close to the main station in Frankfurt comprises a total of 422 rented apartments on 22,000 square meters of living space. All apartments will be provided by the Telekom in the future. At the beginning of 2019, the dwellings will be ready for occupancy.
"While the fiber optic for the Internet and IP-TV has long been standardized to the flat, we are creating a TV base for the first time, which is based exclusively on the fast light guides," explained Mario Leiner, regional infrastructure manager Center. Usually, the fiber optic for the cable television receiver only reaches to the transfer point in the cellar, the Fiber To The Distribution Point (FTTDP). From there, copper cables run into the apartment as far as the antenna socket.
In the new project, the Telekom now "completely without the more fault-prone and maintenance-intensive copper technology."
"With the conversion to the modern glass fiber", the housing companies are also equipped for a further increasing bandwidth requirement of their tenants.

Telekom offers an Internet connection with home cable surfing and telephoning, which allows data transmission rates of up to 500 MBit / s. Only a maximum of 25 MBit / s is offered in the upload. At the end of 2017, Telekom will supply 218,000 customers with "home cable television".


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