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Holocaust survivor and "oldest man" (113) died

Sunday, August 13th, 2017 | World News


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   The oldest man of the world Holocaust survivors died with 113 years

   12.08.2017, 17:41 clock
   | AFX


Elderly man of the world died Israel Kristal survived the Holocaust.
 The Kristal, from Poland, survived the Holocaust in Auschwitz concentration camp. (Source: Reuters)

He survived the Holocaust and celebrated his Bar Mitzvah last year. On Friday, Israel, Kristal, the oldest man in the world, died at the age of 113 years.

Only in March 2016 the "Guinness Book of Records" had declared Kristal the oldest man in the world. Now his daughter Schulamit Kristal Kuperstoch confirmed his death.

Kristal had still celebrated his Bar Mitzvah by 100 years in the autumn of 2016 with his family. The family had given him the celebration for his 113th birthday on September 15th. The bar of Mizwa is the Jewish feast of religious morality and can be compared with Catholic confirmation or evangelical confirmation. Boys are 13 years old.

Kristal was born on 15 September 1903 in the village of Zarnow in Poland. In 1944 he was deported to Auschwitz. Kristal lost his first wife and two children during the Holocaust. In 1950 he emigrated to Israel. He leaves several children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren




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