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Hollywoodstudios: Apple wants to stream Kinofilme shortly after the premiere

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

No fiddling seat neighbors, no luminous handydisplays and no annoying Popcorngeschmatzze: Apple wants to offer over Kinofilme a few days after the premiere in the Lichtspielhäusern as a stream. The news agency Bloomberg reports this. According to the data, such a film is between 30 and 50 US dollars cost.

The studios, which negotiate with Apple, are among the majors of the industry. Thus, Comcast / Universal and Warner Bros are interested, it is said. Comcast, the largest US cable provider, is also the owner of Universal Pictures. The fact that the Kinoketten the similar evaluate, may be doubted.
However, according to the report, it was not possible to find a common strategy. The prices range from 30 to 50 US dollars per movie, with the cinemas only an exclusive right from 17 days to six weeks to be given. Maybe with the new marketing windows will be experimented only outside the USA. Some studios like Disney are not interested in the project.
Bloomberg reported for the first time at the end of 2016 about the ongoing negotiations between Apple and the studios. The traditional film-making chain of the film industry ranges from cinema to rental and sale of DVDs and Blu-rays. This is followed by streaming. Usually 90 days pass until the film is released after the end of the Kinoverstellungen for the Heimkinoverwertung.


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