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Hkkinen: The whole truth behind the Monza disaster 1999

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03 September 2017 – 12:48 pm
The dismissed racing victory in Italy in 1999 had a different reason than a pilot fault in the downshift – Spa 2000 was hrtestes Schumacher duel

Hkkinen 1999 in Monza: It was one of the most bitter and emotional hours


(cafetheology.org) – There is hardly a Formula One fan who has not remembered the scene: Mika Hkkinen is on the way to a safe race at the 1999 Italian Grand Prix in the McLaren Mercedes he turns in the variant del Rettifilo – the first chicane – from the track and stops in the run-out zone. On the way back to the box, the bitterly disappointed Finn picks his steering wheel on the ground and reveals one of the few emotional moments of his career.Spterheit, Hkkinen accidentally not switched into the second, but into the first gear and therefore flew off. But this is not the whole truth, as the two-time world champion 18 years later in a Formula1 'Facebook interview said: "The electronics would have to turn the engine up and leave the clutch open when I first gear But the computer caused the first gear to be inserted too early, "says Hkkinen. Afterwards, the McLaren's rear tires blocked and the car flew off. Hkkinen was punished much more punishably for a minor mistake than would have been the case under normal circumstances. He remembered what happened a year later in Spa-Francorchamps. In Belgium, Hkkinen launched the legendary berholmanver on the Kemmel straight against his "toughest opponent". He overtook Michael Schumacher in his Ferrari by rounding Ricardo Zonta on the other side of the track and snapping both cars at the same time. "That was damn hard," says Hkkinen with a wide grin on the face.



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