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Hkkinen: That's why it made the youth easier in the Formula 1

Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 | Sports

06 September 2017 – 15:01
Formula One world champion Mika Hkkinen believes that the young riders are now lighter in Formula One: "They need nothing at all"

Mika Hkkinen was 22 years old at his Formula One debut

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(cafetheology.org) – With his debut in the Formula 1 2015, Max Verstappen was the youngest Formula One driver of all times with just 17 years. A driver's license for a normal road car was not yet at the time. A super license, the Formula 1 driver's license, but already. Lance Stroll, who has been in the Knigsklasse with Williams since this year and gets the ups and downs in the world championship in his debut, was not much older than the Red Bull pilot at his Formula One debut at the age of 18 .Mika Hkkinen was 23 years old at his Formula 1 premiere and won his first of two World Championship titles in the Knights class at the age of 30 years. The former McLaren pilot is of the opinion that the youth of today are much easier to get along in Formula One. "What surely helps the young drivers in today's world is that the Formula 1 has become very professional," said the Formula 1 Formula 1 ex-Formula One champion. From the fitness program to mental training travel organization and scheduling: everything is centrally coordinated and organized by the team. The only task of the drivers is to leave their home, to pack the passport and arrive at the route, says the Finn. "In order to get their visa or flight ticket, even their scheduling, they do not have to worry about it, they are all organized by their team, they are relieved of everything and they just have to arrive at the route", says Hkkinen the prohibition of tests during the season would give the drivers more time between the races. The pilots of today's generation spend their spare time in different ways: one uses the time to train, the other is going through the world and goes to parties. In a 20-race comprehensive calendar, however, the pilots still have little free time.

What else happened in Italy: Honda power at that time and now, Michelle Hunziker and Carlos Sainz 'Earth Minnie

Being Ferrari riders in Italy is something special. Kimi Raikkonen is even scolding the face of the rumble at the Formula 1 parade in the center of Milan. Even if he remains in his attitude in principle: fun in the royal class does not make him the drumherum, but the racing.

At Hkkin's Formula One, this was still different and a Formula 1 season ended partially already in October. For some years, the Formula 1 calendar has been running from Mar to the end of November. Afterwards, the team members came back home after a long season in Abu Dhabi after the season's final in Abu Dhabi. The current racing driver generation is the driving simulator as an important learning tool. The progress of the Internet also contributes to its development as a racing professional. "The Internet provides lots of data on Formula One. If you have a passion for Formula One, you can learn so much about it before you have ever put a Fu into a Formula One car," said the two- 1 world champion who does not believe that Stappen, Stroll and Co. are too young for Formula One.



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