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Hkkinen: Determination brought me back to Crash

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | Sports

08. September 2017 – 14:22

Despite numerous doubters, Mika Hkkinen was not discouraged

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(cafetheology.org) – Two-time Formula One world champion Mika Hkkinen retreated in 1995 in an accident in Adelaide qualifying and crashed with death. And even though he had the courtesy and courtesy of a facial paralysis, his greatest success came after the comeback in 1996. How did he succeed? "It was really difficult," says the 48-year-old against 'F1 Facebook Live'. "I had trouble with the movement, but the advantage was that I was a young guy, and I had some strength in me." In the end, it was his determination to make the seemingly impossible. "When I returned to Formula One, I always thought I wanted to become World Champion," he explains. "When I returned after my accident and went back through the paddock, people looked at me and said," Oh, Mika is different, he looks different "From the moment I opened the helm, I thought to myself: 'I'll give full throttle, I'll save you one "With success, Hkkinen secured the first Grand Prix victory in the Jerez season in 1997 – in the 96th race, only to break the spell: in the following season, Hkkinen used Adrian Newey's design McLaren-Boliden, to defeat Ferrari superstar Michael Schumacher and become world champion. A year later, he defended his title. "The World Cup triumphs in 1998 and 1999 gave me great confidence," says Hkkinen. What did he do differently in his second career? "Maybe I spoke less and more," says the long-standing McLaren pilot, who also drove in the DTM. "The Finns do not talk so much, anyway."


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