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History, weather, timetable: information about the MotoGP in Misano

Thursday, September 7th, 2017 | Sports

07. September 2017 – 15:17

Since 2007 the MotoGP has been back on the Misano World Circuit

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(cafetheology.org) – With the Grand Prix of San Marino at the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli, the MotoGP will start the coming weekend in the autumn. While the school and office day has started again for many, the race on the Adriatic coast is a source of holiday flair. The course is not far from the coastal cities Misano Adriatico and Rimini, and also Tavullia, the hometown of Valentino Rossi, is only a stone's throw away. To the regret of many Italians, however, the superstar must omit his home race because of injuries. Six times Rossi was on the podium at Misano and cheered his fans. 2008, 2009 and 2010 he celebrated on the highest step of the stairs. Misano has a long and partial tragic history in the Motorcycle World Championship. The first Grand Prix took place in 1980 and Kenny Roberts won the 500 class. At that time, a 3,448-kilometer layout was running counterclockwise. This line variant was used until 1993. Then Misano disappeared from the calendar. One reason for this was the stretch safety. In the 1993 Grand Prix, Wayne Rainey injured herself in a fall on the spine. The three-time world champion has since been paralyzed. In 2006 the course was comprehensively modernized and rebuilt. The distance was extended to 4.18 kilometers and the driving direction was reversed. The pit system and the grandstands were also expanded. In 2007, the Motorcycle World Championship finally returned. It is the Grand Prix of San Marino, since the GP of Italy traditionally takes place in Mugello.Seither there were gripping races, but also tragedies. In 2010, Moto2 driver Shoya Tomizawa was overthrown by a fall of two subsequent rivals and lost his life. At the end of 2011, the route was named in honor of Marco Simoncelli, who had just died in Sepang deadly. Simoncelli was born very close to Cattolica and lived in Coriano. There is also a small museum and a monument that reminds the Italians. In terms of sport, Yamaha has been the most successful brand in Misano since 2007 with six victories. Honda comes on three successes, including the past two years. Ducati has a triumph of Casey Stoner in 2007. At the same time, Suzuki was also delighted to see a success, as Stoner Chris Vermeulen and John Hopkins were on the podium in 2007. Since then the Suzuki riders have reached a maximum of five places. With four victories, Jorge Lorenzo (1 x 250cc, 3 x MotoGP) and Marc Marquez (1 x 125cc, 2x Moto2, 1x MotoGP) are the most successful riders in Misano.It threatens rainbows is also guaranteed this weekend, because Honda, Yamaha and Ducati have won four times in the current season. The last time when three brands celebrated four or more victories was in 2006. In the World Cup, the distance between the first five drivers is 35 points. At this time of the season, this is the least distance since the current point system was introduced in 1993. Drivers and fans have to adjust to changing weather in the coming days. It was raining on Thursday. For the training day on Friday, cloudiness and a rain shower in the afternoon is predicted. Saturday is to remain dry and warm with around 28 degrees Celsius. The race day could be changing. For the Sunday rain showers are always predicted. The chances of a rain or a flag-to-flag race are about 50 percent. The schedule for the Misano weekend: Friday: 9:00 am – 9:40 am: Moto3 FP109: 55 – 10:40 am: MotoGP FP110: 55 – 11:40 h: Moto2 FP113: 10 – 13:50 h: Moto3 FP214: 05 – 14:50 h: MotoGP FP215: 05 – 15:50 h: Moto2 FP2Saturday: 09: 00 – 09:40 Watch: Moto3 FP309: 55 – 10:40 hrs: MotoGP FP410: 55 – 11:40 hrs: Moto2 FP312: 35 – 13:15 hrs: Moto3 qualifying13: 30 – 14:00 hrs: MotoGP FP414: 10 – 14:25 Watch: MotoGP Q114: 35 – 14:50 hrs: MotoGP Q215: 05 – 15:50 hrs: Moto2 QualifyingSonntag: 08: 40 – 09:00 hrs: Moto3 Warm-up09: 10 – 09:30 hrs: Moto2 warm-up09 : 40 – 10:00 am: MotoGP Warm-up 11: 00 clock: Moto3 race over 23 laps 12: 8 o'clock: Moto2 race over 26 laps 14: 00 o'clock: MotoGP race over 28 laps


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