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Higher data rate: Telefónica expands mobile network with Nokia

Thursday, September 14th, 2017 | Gadgets

Nokia and Telefónica have signed an agreement to evaluate technologies on the way to 5G. This was announced by the Finnish network equipment supplier on 13 September 2017. No information was given on the financial volume of the agreement. The companies want to evaluate together how more powerful 4G and 5G networks lead to the development of new services.

The network expansion can not be exclusively agreed. Huawei is the only network equipment supplier with all three German mobile operators. Ericsson and ZTE are also active on the German market.
Nokia wants to open an evolutionary path to 5G for telecom operators like Telefónica with 4G Advanced and 4G Advanced Pro. The network operators are to be offered higher data transmission rates, higher network capacities and shorter latencies. According to the agreement, Nokia is concentrating on field trials (Trials), which will optimize the use of the existing network resources of Telefónica. The goal is to meet the qualitative and quantitatively growing demands of consumers and the internet of things.
LTE radio frequencies are largely exhausted
Companies will be conducting trials to increase the network capacity in both high-traffic urban centers, peripheral areas and rural areas, especially where traditional LTE radio frequencies are largely exhausted. It is to use licensed and unlicensed spectrum, as well as massive MIMO technology (Multiple Input Multiple Output). For other trials, Nokia will use multi-access edge computing (MEC) to provide low latency communications services. Using MEC, data is to be processed closer to the user and thus faster reaction times are achieved.

Network-slicing procedures in a cloud core network (core) are also being investigated with Telefónica's UNICA cloud platform. Telefónica wants to provide better network services with a network virtualization (NFV) and software-defined network (SDN) network services and to meet customer requirements more quickly.


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