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Hembery: That's why there is no tire war in the Formula 1

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Sports

18 August 2017 – 09:02
Pirelli Motorsportchef Paul Hembery explains why there will be no tire war

Paul Hembery does not believe in another ripening war in Formula One

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(cafetheology.org) – Since Michelin left the Formula One at the end of 2006, the royal class is on the road with a single tire manufacturer. Until 2010 inclusive the Bridgestone, since 2011 the Formula 1 cars with Pneus of Pirelli are frosted. If you believe Pirellis motorsport coach Paul Hembery, it will not change much in the future. He can not imagine that in the foreseeable future there will be a ripening war in the royal class again – and there are reasons for this. With regard to the current unit tires, he explains against 'auto motor und sport': "It balances and takes on the power relationship A factor that could make the races boring, the teams want to reduce as much as possible the variables they can not influence. " Different tires, however, would be just such an undesirable factor. On the other hand, the manufacturers themselves see it. "This creates problems for tire manufacturers," explains Hembery. "It's very hard to market your product, and if something goes wrong, it's the tire, and if you win, nobody will talk about it," he says. Pirelli, for example, has always been the focus of attention in recent years when there were tire damage or other problems with the pneus. A victory for the Italians is finally – even in the absence of competition – already fixed before the start of a race. "That's why you have to invest in the event as a part of the event," says Hembery. From the manufacturers' point of view, a tire war would be an option. This is what Pirelli boss Marco Tronchetti Provera said personally. It was "ready" for a competition in the royal class.

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Nevertheless, the chances for a second tire manufacturer in the Formula 1 are currently rather poor, because those responsible fear the danger of exploding costs in a new tire war. According to Hembery the costs would be "not even so bad." He says, "You'd spend less money on side-sounds and put it into development." "If something goes wrong, it was the tire." If you win, nobody talks about it. "Paul HemberyAnd:" Marketing and sponsoring "We are not small," he says. "We can not compare tire companies with car manufacturers." For Formula 1, a second manufacturer does not appear to be an option at the moment. Pirelli is still under contract until the end of 2019. A new tire war could therefore be at the earliest 2020. Many fans of the royal class would welcome another tire manufacturer on the other hand. A worldwide survey conducted this year by 'Motorsport Network', in collaboration with Nielsen Sports, showed that a tire war is at the top of the Formula One spectators' wish list. However, the chance does not seem to be that great.


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