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Hembery: "Formula 1 needs a kind of balance of performance"

Monday, August 21st, 2017 | Sports

21. August 2017 – 18:10

Hembery knows: fans want tight racing, manufacturers do not lose

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(cafetheology.org) – The former Pirelli-Motorsportchef Paul Hembery spoke for the benefit of the Formula 1 for the introduction of a kind of "Balance of Performance", as it is used in many GT series, for example. In the "Balance of Performance", vehicles are to be brought to an equal or at least similar performance level by regulation. "There are GTs in GT races and it works," says Hembery in conversation with "auto motor und sport." The sporting situation of Formula 1 could have been better in the past few years. Above all, the oppressive dominance of Mercedes has provided phase-wise boredom. This year, at least Ferrari makes for a good duel, but other manufacturers like Renault and Honda are clearly outside. "If we want the manufacturers to be in it, they have to be competitive, or appear to be, they are not afraid any more As to ridicule and damage their brand, "he says, thinking of the engines at Honda and Renault. "This is not good for the sport," judges Hembery. A balanced field is there in the formula E. The electric series is almost overrun by the manufacturers. Of course, the future-oriented technology is likely to be the main reason for the entry of Mercedes, Porsche & Co., but because the development is in many parts on the same level among all teams, even the last-placed team (in the case of Jaguar) can take individual successions at regular intervals . Hembery, who has been the managing director of Pirelli LatAm (Latin America) since this year, is in a position to argue about how to achieve a "balance of performance" in the royal class. If the Formula 1, however, decide that manufacturers are not important for the sport, then you have to tinker on other sets, says the Pirelli manager: "Then It must substantially reduce costs, "he says. "The money you need to drive two cars in a circle is hard to justify today, something that can damage the sport.


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