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Hembery: "Brötelreifen" have not harmed Pirelli

Sunday, August 20th, 2017 | Sports

August 20, 2017 – 22:48 hrs
Image problem due to crumbs? Not for Paul Hembery: According to the British, Pirelli's Formula One commitment is even a gain for the brand

Finally no more justifications: Paul Hembery enjoys the long-lasting tires

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(cafetheology.org) – Paul Hembery has certainly experienced more turbulent times than in the Formula 1 season 2017. On the tire front there is peace. Previously, tires were used for six years, which have lasted less than 100 kilometers. Drivers and fans complained about the "Bröselreifen" again and again. Hembery, however, does not believe that the six years of the turbo-dismantling had inflicted Pirelli damage – although the Italian manufacturer will have a lot at many of the club tables. "We always said we want to help make the sport better, Says the Pirelli Motorsportchef against 'Auto Motor and Sport'. "When we got back to Formula One, Formula One went through a boring phase, so it was right to build tires that only lasted for a certain period of time, opening up new ways for some people "I do not believe that the 100-kilometer tires have hurt us, people knew why we do it." Hembery believes that, despite the short-lived tires, Pirelli, thanks to the Formula One commitment, Premium tire manufacturer. "It connects us to the top of motorsport, with the best cars and the best drivers in the world." That works, "he believes. He points to numbers: "A study from the USA states that our commitment to Formula 1 is one of the 90 percent of people's buying decisions. Formula One is the premium motor sport series." Long-lasting tires preferredThe times of races with up to four Regular box stops are over for now. Hembery is also much happier with the long-lasting tires that last a whole race season: "As it happens today, we like it better, the riders are satisfied, the fans are also obviously Is still a challenge, and it is still difficult to trim the vehicle balance so that front and rear tires come into their working windows at the same time. " (Pirelli explains the Krux when warming the tires)

Everything started with Pirelli, but the most successful brand remains Goodyear – Which manufacturer was the only one not to win

In the history of Formula One, nine different tire manufacturers were involved: two of them had or originated in Great Britain, two in the USA and one in Germany, Japan, Belgium, France and Italy. Weddings of the later "tire war" scenario with several suppliers at the same time are the years 1954 and 1958, when six different companies are launching their products. 1950 begins with four brands …

But the work is not finished. A new regulation always means rapid progress in vehicle performance. This is also the position of the tire supplier. Pirelli can not afford to raise his feet, the 51-year-old is aware of this: "We have to adapt to this mobile goal, but it is true that our product is at a level where we no longer have to change the world Adjustments, but no more complete redesign. "As an example, he mentions the hard rubber mix that was taken out of the program because it has been too conservative. "We have to sort our rubber mixtures for 2018," Hembery points out. This is nothing new. In 2012 and 2013, the toughest tires fell in favor of a new softest road. In Formula 2, Pirelli continues to deliver fast-breaking tires because it is so desired by the organizers.



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