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Helpers save the baby from the rubble of a house

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | World News

Two women were killed on an earthquake on the Italian holiday island of Ischia on Monday evening. About 25 people were injured, as the rescue workers communicated. A baby was saved from the rubble of a house, while his two brothers were still locked in the ruins in the morning.

The quake of the magnitude 4,0 shocked the island around 9 pm on Monday evening. According to the civil defense, Casamicciola in the north of the island in front of Naples and the neighboring municipality of Lacco Ameno were hit. So there were 14 minor aftershocks.

In Casamicciola a woman was killed by building parts that fell from a church. The second death sacrifice was discovered in the ruins of a house in the municipality, according to media reports. In the early days of Tuesday, the rescue operation for two children buried in Casamicciola lasted after their seven month old brother was taken alive from the collapsed building after several hours. The four and seven-year-old boys had entrenched themselves under their bed according to media reports and held by cell phone contact to the helpers. Her pregnant mother had alarmed the forces. The father of the children was saved in the night.

The fire brigade announced via the short message service Twitter that several houses were collapsed. Further buildings had been damaged.

The island's only hospital was also hit by the earthquake and had to be partially evacuated. The injured could be treated in a provisional facility. Five patients from the damaged clinic were taken to another hospital by helicopter. Local media reported that rescue workers could have responded quickly to the earthquake, as additional firefighters and civilian agents were on the island at the time of the accident. These had previously been sent to Ischia because of forest fires.

 The quake occurred in the evening, when the island's restaurants were well visited and many shops were still open. In the short message service, Twitter wrote a dull noise, then everything had shook.

"A horrible experience, everything shook, became black, houses collapsed – a nightmare," wrote a user. The power supply was restored a short time later, but many people remained outside and did not dare to enter the houses again.

  Tourists want to reach the mainland
In Rai News 24, tourists were seen next to their cars with their suitcases. According to Italian media, numerous cars were waiting for the next ferry to Naples at the port of Ischia.

Ischia is always haunted by earthquakes. The worst quake occurred in July 1883 and had a strength of 5.8. More than 2,000 people died.

The earthquake of Monday occurred only a few days before the first anniversary of the earthquake of Amatrice in the center of Italy. Nearly 300 people died last year.


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