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He should not "interfere"

Saturday, August 19th, 2017 | World News

For Recep Tayyip Erdogan are Union, SPD and Greens "enemies of Turkey". Chancellor Angela Merkel sharply rejected the accusations of the Turkish leader.

"We will not let anybody, not even President Erdogan, say that our German citizens, regardless of their lineage, are also free to choose the Turkish-speaking German nationals," said the CDU chairman in Herford. "And we forgive any kind of interference in the formation of opinion."

"These are all Turkeys"
Erdogan had previously called on the right-wing German-Turks not to vote for the SPD, the CDU or the Greens during the Bundestag elections on 24 September. Erdogan accused the CDU and the SPD in Istanbul of "campaigning against Turkey". The Turks, who were entitled to vote in Germany, were rather to support the parties who were not hostile to Turkey. What he meant by this, Erdogan did not say. In Germany, there are more than a million German electors.

  Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD) regarded the statements as unprecedented. "This crude interference in the German election campaign shows that Erdogan wants to incite the people of Germany against each other, which is a one-time intervention in the sovereignty of our country," he said.

"Erdogan has lost every measure"
SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz stated on Twitter: "Erdogan has lost any measure, so we are all the more on the side of all those who are fighting for a free and democratic Turkey."

 Erdogan has lost every measure. All the more we stand by all those who fight for a free and democratic Turkey. "Martin Schulz (@MartinSchulz) August 18, 2017
Gabriel appealed to the Turkish descendants to take part in the Bundestag elections and to elect a democratic party. "Let us show those who want to play us against each other, that we can not participate in this evil game!" In Germany, all people of all origins would find "what Erdogan wants to destroy in Turkey: freedom, the rule of law and democracy".

The CSU General Secretary, Andreas Scheuer, also reacted with indignation. He said: "With his election for the Bundestag election, the despot of the Bosporus crosses its borders." Erdogan interferes intolerably with the German domestic policy, which is the attempt to make German Turks his fifth We can not afford it. "

Green Chief Cem Özdemir argued that Erdogan's intervention was not surprising. "We understand this mention as a mission to continue to work hard to ensure that Erdogan's influence on German Turks is halted in our country."

Surrender of alleged putschists
Erdogan once again called on the Federal Republic to surrender suspected putschists. "Just as Germany wants to get its citizens back from us," Turkey is expecting to be handed over to the "terrorists" residing there. In addition, Germany wanted "criminals" back, while Turkey wanted to have "terrorists" surrendered.

Erdogan probably played on German such as the "world" correspondent Deniz Yücel, the human rights activist Peter Steudtner, or the translator and journalist Mesale Tolu Corlu, who are in the trial in Turkey. The federal government had repeatedly demanded their release – without success.

In response to the arrest of the human rights defender Steudtner, the Foreign Office had tightened its travel instructions for Turkey in mid-July. At the same time, Gabriel warned German companies of investment in the country.

Turkey, on the other hand, demands the extradition of a presumed spokesman for the coup attempt in July 2016, which is said to be in Germany. For the failed coup attempt, the Turkish leadership is responsible for the Islamic preacher Fethullah Gülen, who lives in the USA. For a long time, Germany has been accusing Germany of offering putschists and terrorist suspects. Among other things, Ankara criticized the fact that Turkish officers had been given asylum in Germany.

In addition Erdogan criticized on Friday the provisional cancellation of Merkel to an enlargement of the customs union of the EU with Turkey. This meant that Germany had entered the position of a country which no longer adhered to EU law. On Wednesday, Merkel expressed her opinion in the interview of four YouTubbers against a deepening of the customs union. "In any case, we are currently expanding the Customs Union, not improving with Turkey," she said. There is also access to aid "where we know exactly where the money is going".

The Ankara government has a strong interest in expanding the customs union that has existed since 1996 with the EU. Both Turkey and the EU would benefit from a deepening, said Thursday the Turkish EU Minister Ömer Celik. He called the Chancellor's statement an "unfortunate statement."


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