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HDMI: standard cable and Ethernet are passé, USB-C comes

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Gadgets

On the Ifa 2017 the HDMI Licensing has sketched the way to the upcoming HDMI 2.1, including new cables. HDMI 2.1 is one of many construction sites of the standard consortium, which must be measured with Displayport. First of all, HDMI will be relevant in the Alternate Mode via USB Type C. At the Ifa, HDMI already showed a working prototype of a camcorder. Unlike Ethernet over HDMI, which has never been implemented and is a big flop of the consortium, HDMI will actually become a part of the USB type C (haos).

When asked how a user should distinguish between a USB C cable with an HDMI connection (Alternate Mode Displayport with a conversion in the connector) and a USB C cable with an HDMI connection (HDMI Alternate Mode native), HDMI Licensing indicates that the HDMI logo is only allowed with the latter. The Displayport adapters with conversion are actually not licensed cables. However, it is also acknowledged that the HDMI logo is not a requirement. It must not be present either on the socket or on the cable. For the user it is then: guess and try, because these two HDMI cables are incompatible with each other.
HDMI Control works via USB Type C
HDMI has however advantages: HDMI CEC alias HDMI Control does not go over the real cable is lost. At Ifa we demonstrated how to control the remote control of a TV of the camcorder. HDMI CEC is not a problem, however, because of the voluntary nature of the standard. It is up to the manufacturers to decide which controls are to be implemented. Interesting is also a clarification on the part of HDMI to the CEC standard. In our last 4K ultra-HD Blu-ray test of the hardware, we were able to verify a limit in the CEC network. However, HDMI told us that there is no limit. However, television manufacturers often orient themselves to the number of HDMI jacks. Is an AV receiver in the net, but that is not enough fast. According to HDMI, it is not a problem to have 20 HDMI CEC devices on the network.


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