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"Harvey" devastated Metropole Houston – several dead

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | World News

Destroyed houses, flooded streets and several death victims – the storm "Harvey" has caused serious devastation in the US state of Texas. Particularly dramatic was the situation on Sunday in the metropolis of Houston, where the floods assumed a catastrophic extent. There was no end to the natural disaster. At least three people were killed during the weekend in connection with the storm.

After dropping the storm, the danger no longer threatened the wind blasts, but the massive rains that spilled over Texas. The US National Weather Service issued a dramatic warning on Sunday: the impact of the storm was "unprecedented" and exceeded "all expectations". Citizens must comply with all orders of the authorities.

BREAKING: Nat'l Weather Service issues dire warning: "This event is unprecedented and all impacts are unknown beyond anything experienced." Pic.twitter.com/TVZui6py81- NBC Nightly News (@NBCNightlyNews) August 27, 2017

  In Houston, the fourth-largest city in the USA, 60 centimeters of rain fell within 24 hours. Streets turned into tearing rivers. The city's disaster control authorities demanded the 2.3 million inhabitants, if the top floor of their house was no longer safe, they should save themselves on the roof.

Because of the severe floods, according to Governor Greg Abbott, the US state has activated 3,000 members of the National Guard and the State Guard. They use 500 vehicles and 14 aircraft. Throughout the state, 250 roadblocks are blocked, Abbott said on Sunday at a press conference in Austin.

 Both airports are closed
The city opened public buildings as emergency shelters for people whose homes were flooded. The two airports of the city – among them the much-flown air traffic turnstile George Bush Intercontinental Airport, were closed. The authorities initiated the evacuation of one of the largest hospitals in Houston: the ground floor of the Ben Taub Hospital was flooded, the power supply was impaired.

Governor Abbott said that even after the downgrade of the hurricane to a tropical storm, the situation in the storm areas worsened. The states are "bad and become worse," said Abbott on Sunday the US news station Fox News.

Police officers carry a woman in a wheelchair out of their flooded house in Houston. (Source: AP / dpa)

On Fox News, the governor predicted that the damage would probably go "into the billions". This will be shown in the coming days. However, the facilities of the important Texan oil industry had been effectively protected. More than 110 oil platforms were evacuated in the Gulf of Mexico.

On Sunday a third death was confirmed: A woman died in Houston when she left her car on a flooded street.

"Harvey" had reached Texas on Friday night (local time) as a hurricane of the second highest category. It was the strongest cyclone on the US mainland for twelve years. In the run-up, hundreds of thousands of people had been brought to safety.

Parts of the Interstate 610 in Houston are under water. (Source: AP / dpa)

The National Hurricane Center (NHC) later downgraded "Harvey" from the hurricane to the tropical storm, but at the same time warned of "dramatic and life-threatening flooding". In the region heavy rain continued. According to predictions, the hurricane might persist for several days over the US Gulf Coast.

Houses and shops "completely destroyed"
The coastal town of Rockport, where "Harvey" came from the Gulf of Mexico on land, was particularly hard hit. "There are widespread destruction here," said Mayor C.J. Wax the transmitter MSNBC. Several houses and shops were "completely destroyed".

The head of the US disaster control agency Fema, Brocklong, told the broadcaster MSNBC that coping with this disaster would take "years". Texas he predicted "an unprecedentedly long and frustrating phase" of reconstruction.

I want to go to Texas as soon as I can. The focus must be life and safety. Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 27, 2017
President Donald Trump wrote in short message service Twitter, "nothing" is left to chance. The local authorities and the US government worked together "great". As a precaution, Trump had called the disaster for Texas at the request of Governor Abbott. Federal funds for the elimination of wind storms can thus be released.

However, a visit to the US president announced earlier this week could be delayed. He will travel to Texas only if this causes "no disruption" of the disaster, Trump wrote on Twitter. "The focus must be on life and safety."


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