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Hanging party for teams: How should the Halo Crashtest look like?

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 12:46

With the introduction of Halo the teams reach their limits

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(cafetheology.org) – Half a year before the start of the Formula 1 season 2018, it is still not clear how the FIA ‚Äč‚ÄčAutomobile Association wants to carry out the crash tests for the new cockpit protection Halo. This presents problems for the Formula 1 racing stables. It is only known how the halo design will look like, and what forces its connection points on the chassis will have to resist. The technical director of Force India, Andy Green, explains, "The design of Halo is already defined, but not the chassis, "The challenge is to develop a chassis that meets the FIA's Halo-Crashtest criteria." It is impossible to integrate the Halo cockpit protection into the existing crash tests for the chassis because the chassis in itself, had to resist considerably higher forces. "Halo would not be able to withstand the stresses that are being called, so it would be pointless to complete these tests because Halo would be the first to break," says Green.Co is a virtual crash test? "So we have to think of something else "" At the moment, "continued Green," we are missing the details of this "This is a question of basic design questions about the chassis, and the problem is that if you do not end up crashing, you will not race." The World Federation is even considering the introduction of a virtual crash test, a novelty for Formula One The teams would submit their development data on halo and chassis to the FIA, which would simulate the stability of the cockpit protection and the vehicle to check. Only in the second step – and presumably at the earliest to the Formula 1 season 2019 – there will probably be a "real" crash test with Halo on the chassis.Teams under Zeitdruck A working group will deal again in the coming days however intensively with the situation and the With a final decision to be taken soon. The teams can hardly go fast enough in this case, however, the plans and designs for the Formula 1 season 2018 are already well advanced. Force India director of operations Otmar Szafnauer, for example, draws a gloomy picture: "If the (test) criteria are so high that Halo and the monocoque are going through, we are delivered." His team is probably not due to the late decision to introduce Halo is in a position to integrate the cockpit protection into the new vehicle on time for testing in February 2018. This is why Szafnauer pleads for Halo to be launched in 2019 – for safety reasons. He says, "It's safer to do it right instead of premature."


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