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Hamiltons fright in the gravel: "Everything under control"

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

03. September 2017 – 22:09

Almost perfect: Hamilton made two crushers and a fright

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(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes-Star Lewis Hamilton cruising the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday with just one hand on the wheel to victory. The Briton, however, made a small blunder when he came comfortably into the gravel at the exit of the Della Roggia chicory in round 20. "My mistake," Hamilton says. "I caught the edge of the car and the car was carried to the outside, it was leveled out at the front and I just slipped out a bit." The patzer came at a time when he already had 4.6 seconds ahead of team colleague Valtteri Bottas – and 17.9 seconds on the rest of the field. "It was not so bad," Hamilton said, "I just touched the gravel, it was not all my tires on it," he waved. The scene showed that Hamilton could only beat himself in Monza, but did not , "In the round and in the first round I had a little curb on the first corner, otherwise it was 98.2 percent perfect", he summarizes his almost impeccable race.Mercedes' team supervisory board Niki Lauda thinks that his Schtzling is not in spite of, but because of the carver had won: "You wake up fast, if such things happen to be in the lead, which is important. Sportchef Toto Wolff emphasized that Hamilton "always had everything under control", but the Lapsus was perhaps the testimony of the pressure and the concentration was short-lived. Bottas did not seem like a danger. In the eyes of many observers, Hamilton, too, did not regard the pursuing Finn as number 2 in the stable as such: "I was in a position to answer what the boys had shown behind me, and Valtteri was solid and very, very much I felt like I'd be a few tenths of a second quicker, but I do not know if he's always pushing. " Hamilton himself did not do it and controlled the distance. Over more than half of the race distance he held him stoically in about five seconds: "This is a good area," says Hamilton. "If you go further, it will be unpleasant, especially if mistakes creep in." For Bottas in the DRS zone might have developed a situation in which he would have had to make more records than he would have liked. "What I knew, though, was that if he had a time, I would always be sure to have the pace to answer, if not to improve," Hamilton says.


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