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Hamilton senses wind shadow tactics in the Monza qualifying

Friday, September 1st, 2017 | Sports

01. September 2017 – 22:18

Lewis Hamilton: Can he leave Valtteri Bottas on Saturday?

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(cafetheology.org) – Mercedes-driver Lewis Hamilton can imagine that the Formula One teams will be putting on wind shadow tactics at the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. The Briton emphasizes that the pull of the team colleague at a fast lap in the high-speed Mecca could be a tad at the scales because he provides for more topspeed: "It is very worthwhile to be dragged," says Hamilton. In the free practice, he already had experiences with him when stable rider Bottas struck him. The ex-champion leads the 0.056 seconds back not only on his driving error in the Della Roggia Chicane, but also on the (unwitting) action of the competition: "It's very valuable," says Hamilton, explaining the search for the wind shadows, but not the top premise for qualifying. "First and foremost, it's always the goal to have a free round, "he points out. The rest leaves Fortuna:" If you're lucky, you get the wind shadow of someone. " To push him proactively to the rear of the sister car seems to be too risky: "It's quick to happen that you are being raped. If you want to construct it, you usually run on a curve, lose your drive, get lost "It is possible that teams with PS deficit – like McLaren, Red Bull or Toro Rosso – will still be able to do it try. Because the round in Monza is so fast that it is conceivable to alternate with the pull and still drive two attempts per qualification run with each car. In Spa-Francorchamps, Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne explained how it can work.


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