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Hamilton after pole record: How with "Schumi" it all began

Saturday, August 26th, 2017 | Sports

26. August 2017 – 23:03

Schumacher's friend Ross Brawn is the first Hamilton congratulator

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(cafetheology.org) – In Lewis Francorchamps, Lewis Hamilton leveled the first of Michael Schumacher's numerous records – with his 68th pole position, which he drove in an impressive manner. With a new lap record (1: 42: 553 – almost two seconds faster than Jarno Trulli in 2009), they are a good start. "And that in Schumacher's living room," Formula 1 legend Niki Lauda frowned at 'RTL'. "When you think about everything that happened here …" As a reminder: Schumacher made a sensational debut in Spa in 1991 and only one year later, only 70 kilometers from his home town of Kerpen, his first season of the season – 25 years ago. Legendary humiliation of the competition should follow. After the qualifying, Ross Brawn congratulated the man who, as a superhero, directed Schumacher to many triumphs and who, as an ex-Mercedes team boss, laid the foundation for Hamilton's success. The Liberty manager delivered a message from Schumacher's wife Corinna to Hamilton: "Michael always said that records exist so they are broken, so a special thank you and congratulations, Lewis Well done." "Why Schumacher's 1996 Spa for Hamilton is so special

Michael Schumacher won his second Ferrari race in Spa in 1996


The Briton was visibly moved. "I knew it was going to happen," says Hamilton. "It is a special day for me, even though I have not thought much about it, I did not think about it, but now that it is time, I have to say it is an unusual place for it." Not only Schumacher, but Also Hamilton connects a lot with Spa-Francorchamps. "I remember I had my first Grand Prix here in 1996," he reveals. Hamilton was then eleven years old, and he had been addressing Ron Dennis at the Autosport Gala a few months before. "I remember when I saw Michael coming from the first turn," Hamilton says. "And the noise of the engines shook my body at that time – that was incredible. At the time, my love for this sport had reached a new stage." Schumacher won his second Ferrari victory after a duel with Jacques Villeneuve. "And now I'm here and have the same number of poles," he says. "This is very surreal and makes me humble, especially since he's such a legend, I'm proud to be up there with him." Does Hamilton dedicate the record Schumacher?

Schumacher and Hamilton were competitors from 2009 to 2013

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According to own data, it was never Hamilton's goal to set records. "But I want you to remember me as one of the greatest, when my days are counted in Formula One," he says. Maybe the Mercedes star already in Monza in front of thousands of Ferrari fans, in the pole rank list the sole leadership to take over. But also has not thought about it yet. "If I dedicate the record to him, I would really pay tribute to him. After all, he had so much success with Ferrari and Italy," the 32-year-old thought. "Let's see …" And for the future, he has no record as a goal: "I take every day for myself, but I already intend to be here for a longer time, and I therefore aim at every possible number." Mean that other Schumacher records will also disappear. But how much is still missing from the silver arrow driver on the top marks of the record world champion? Schumacher's seven titles can equalize Hamilton at the earliest 2020 if he sets his fourth World Cup crown this year. On Schumacher's unbelievable 91 races, he lacks 34 triumphs.Drown more Schumacher records? Hamilton needs patience If, ​​in a similar key, it is currently being wiped out, which would require an enormous consistency, a wake-up call is to be expected in 2020 at the earliest. In the fastest laps, Hamilton is not even half-blown: Schumacher has 77 in his account, his Mercedes successor "only" 37. The next records are still a few years away, if they reach Hamilton at all Nevertheless, with a little melancholy on Hamilton's record, is his former McLaren arch enemy Fernando Alonso. Since the 2007 season, the Spaniard has always been at the front of the championship, but the Spaniard still has his third World Championship title. "I'm congratulating him, he's a great number of poles . " A small footnote can not be the McLaren pilot but "It is also a great merit of the dominant cars that he had over the years, but in these cars one must also bring the performance, and it does."


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