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Haas grows angry after Grosjean-Crash: FIA should explain

Sunday, September 3rd, 2017 | Sports

02 September 2017 – 22:08
Teamchef Günther Steiner believes that the Monza qualifying at 14 o'clock should not have started – Numerous drivers would have complained about it

The accident of Romain Grozjean will still provide material for discussion

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(cafetheology.org) – The Haas team will be looking for an interview with FIA racing director Charlie Whiting in the qualifying session at the Italian Grand Prix on Saturday after the Aquaplaning accident in Romain Grosjeans. Teamchef Günther Steiner is annoyed and blows in conversation with 'cafetheology.org': "In my opinion, I should not have started." The view of other pilots that the Frenchman had simply exaggerated the risk with the risk and therefore exhausted, does not taste him.Steiner knows that not only Grosjean disturbed the standing water on the start and finish line: "Not only was he affected, but "" We hear the radio and many pilots have mentioned that it is too wet and you could not see anything, "argues the South Tyrolean. The fact that it met his husband had nothing to do with his approach – after all, he was at the time of the accident in straight ahead.Whiting will obviously get something on his ears: "We will talk about it." I know his job is damn difficult is to find a compromise between a show and the prevention of what we have experienced today – but we have to improve, "Steiner complains. Teamchef does not want to be convinced that the risk of Formula One is "It should not be an excuse that we should be adults and live with it."


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