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H520: Yuneec's professional hexacopter costs from 2,540 euros

Monday, September 4th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Chinese copter manufacturer Yuneec has announced the market launch of its Hexacopters H520. The aircraft can be ordered from now, the version with the standard camera should be delivered immediately. The delivery of the other two camera options will follow shortly.

The H520 is a copter with six rotors; in an emergency, the unit can also fly with only five propellers. The drone is strikingly painted and aimed at professional users – the copter is Yuneec's first aircraft for such applications.

    The H520 from Yuneec (Picture: Yuneec)

With a total of three different camera options, the H520 is aimed at both users who want to make film shots as well as for pilots who want to carry out inspection flights with the aircraft. First available is the model with the E90 camera mentioned. This offers a wide-angle lens, a 20-megapixel sensor from Sony and the H2 image processing chip from Ambarella.
Videos in 4K at 30 fps
The E90, at the product announcement still CGO 3+ called, can record videos in 4K-quality at 30 fps, in full HD the picture rate up to 120 fps. The camera sits in a three-way gimbal and can be rotated endlessly by 360 degrees.
Already available, but not yet available is the second camera, E50, formerly CGO-CI. It has used as a lens a 50mm focal length, which leads to a less wide angle recording angle, which should make close-ups easier. According to Yuneec, the camera model is particularly suitable for inspection flights. Also the CGO-CI can record in 4K at 30 fps.

The remaining light camera can be pre-ordered
The third camera model is the CGOET, a residual light and thermal imaging camera. The RGB and thermal image signals can be combined or displayed individually. In RGB mode, the CGOET can record video to a maximum of full-HD. This camera model is not yet available but can be ordered.
With the software Datapilot, users can completely plan the route for the H520 and let the copter take it off autonomously. With the E90 camera, the copter has a flight time of 25 minutes.
Depending on the equipment variant, the H520 costs between 2.540 and 3.540 euros.


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