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Grosjean 's return to the horror scene: Better despite Brembo?

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 11:03

Romain Grosjean: Does he make peace with Singapore this year?

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(cafetheology.org) – Romain Grosjean has opened an account with the Grand Prix of Singapore. In the previous year, the Frenchman was completely out of his way on the corner, because he could not cope with the car and the brakes at all. So you can be curious as to whether the Haas pilot will have a better weekend this time. However, in Singapore, Haas will use the Brembo brakes, which are less popular at Grosjean, because cooling is simpler. And with the enormous temperatures it plays a big role.Generell hopes Grosjean that the Haas should work again after the two fast courses in Belgium and Italy. "In Monza it's just a matter of having little air resistance – and there were a couple of problems," he says. However, the Haas is better on tracks that require a lot of downforce: "Every time we use the maximum downforce, the car seems to work better." But the "key" would be "to get the tires into the temperature window we succeed, we should get along well, but that is not easy. " Team colleague Magnussen, who, by the way, preferred the brakes from Brembo against the variant of Carbon Industries, which should give him an advantage in Singapore, does not even make any sense: "I have no luck with my assessments this year . "Haas has to fight back in the Constructors' World Championship against the only one World Championship point behind Renault team and seventh place. Toro Rosso is five, Williams 20 points ahead of the US squad. "In the midfield, things are going up and down," Teamchef Günther Steiner does not dare to predict. He is particularly concerned by the team from Nico Hülkenberg: "Renault is very fast on some tracks, but they were behind in Monza but the biggest step is that they are the only workplace, by far the biggest budget in this group, so they should be the favorite in the fight for fifth place. "


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