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Grosjean is waiting for Monza-departure: Never have to start!

Saturday, September 2nd, 2017 | Sports

02. September 2017 – 15:13

Romain Grosjean was the first victim of wet qualifying in Monza

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(cafetheology.org) – It is called self-propelling prophecy: when Romain Grosjean, on his introductory lap in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix about the dangerous conditions, he knew already well, what still needs to follow. The Haas pilot was the first pilot who had to make an unpleasant encounter with the track limitation in the rain of Monza when he turned on the starting finish line. Grosjean got aquaplaning at high speed and could not catch the car any more. The guilt is a new asphalt that has been relocated last year and has less grip – and the water is not yet well received. "If you crashed in a straight line, then it clearly shows that the car can not participate," the Swiss is sour, that the race management freed the qualification at all. "It was just too much water." "I'll try to remain calm and not say anything that I might regret later, but I think we should not have started qualifying," he says. Because the conditions were not made for a successful qualification. "You can not just slow down on the straight line, because someone can be behind you and get inside you, but you can not drive full throttle, because the conditions were too difficult," says Grosjean.Embarrassed Twitter error But as if the departure was not already annoying enough, so Grosjean – or rather his PR team – made another misfortune. At 14:12 clock, well ten minutes after the accident, was posted to his Twitter account a post, in which he is obviously looking forward to a rain qualifying. A somewhat unusual time for such a message. In real life, Grosjean was pretty quick on the race management. "I am disappointed that we started qualifying in such conditions," he says. "We were not even able to see where we were, and I think I was not alone." Race director Charlie Whiting argues that the conditions for qualifying were still in order and the rain had increased in the first minutes. This also coincides with the statements of Grozjeans, which means that on the first lap still a bit okay, nevertheless, the Haas pilot wonders, why the FIA ​​in this case suddenly acts so careless.Grosjean wondered: Security not more important? "The FIA ​​is so concerned about safety that you slow down under double yellow – and the Halo is also introduced, but now you start a qualification that could never have been held or at least impossible after the warm-up hours with driving, "he shakes his head. "I think the decision should have turned out differently." And then Grosjean goes to Rage: "In China, I got five penalty places and three penalty points because I drove at 45 km or 50 km / h with double yellow "And here we are thrown in conditions that are absolutely inappropriate for Formula 1 and where we lose the car at more than 300 km / h, they are absolutely not listening to us," he curses. "This is two things, you should listen to us, it's really Scheie." Grosjean can not make the accident any more. He must now concentrate on tomorrow and save in the race what is to be saved. Only the rims and the front wing should be damaged on the car. "The rest does not seem to be so bad, but the impact was not strong, I was lucky, but turning on a straight is nothing to be seen in Formula One." Haas team manager Gnther Steiner is also in the right "I do not quite understand when it's safe to start, when it rained a lot, we drove, and when it rained less, we were not driven," he says comprehensible decisions. "It does not make any sense for me to wait here today. If we do it in an hour or two, nobody will look any more."


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