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Greens "fight against the right to the last day"

Sunday, September 17th, 2017 | World News

One week before the Bundestag election, the Greens are fighting for a revival of the mood and a government participation as the third strongest force. Before the election day on Sunday in Berlin, the Greens' Green Party, Katrin Göring-Eckardt and Cem Özdemir, is campaigning for a "directional decision" in Germany.

In the end of the election campaign, the Greens not only tighten the tone against the FDP. With topics such as climate protection and justice, red-green change-of-voters will also be won.

"Get out of the dirty coal"
"Now it's time," said top candidate Katrin Goering-Eckardt. "We are mobilizing and fighting against the legal pressure in Germany until the last day, against black-yellow regression and for progress with strong Greens." Only the Greens moved the environment and justice into the center. "In the government, we want to get out of the dirty coal, end the industrial mass production, provide clean air with exhaust-free cars, combat child poverty, and better caregivers, midwives and educators," said Göring-Eckardt.

  According to Parteichef Özdemir, September 24 decides "on the face" of Germany: "It is about defending our free country against the imminent legal pressure in Germany," he said. Özdemir called it intolerable "how AfD people openly sympathize with the right-wing scene." The Greens were clearly opposed to the right-wing populism, racism and any exclusion: "In integration, we have great tasks before us: the basis for this is the liberal values ​​of our basic law."

Party stagnated in polls
So far the Greens have been stagnating in polls at about eight percent of the votes. After the electoral roll of 2013 with a meager 8.4 percent, the Greens want to move back into the Bundestag with double figures – as the third strongest force before FDP, left and AfD. From a computer point of view, there would be neither a black-and-yellow government alliance between the Union and the FDP, nor a black-green coalition of the CDU, the CSU and the Greens. The only real government option for FDP and Greens would therefore be a "Jamaica" coalition together with the Union.

 Prior to the Election Day, Özdemir once again clearly separated itself from the Liberals and emphasized that he saw little similarities between the two parties for a "Jamaica" alliance. In their wake, the Greens warned of advances in climate, environmental and social policy, a black-yellow coalition should be taken.

Before the Bundestag election, the only Prime Minister of the Greens, Baden-Württemberg's head of government, Winfried Kretschmann, entered the election campaign. Together with the Spitzenduo, he warns in a climate protection appeal against a black-yellow alliance as well as a re-launch of the grand coalition.


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