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Greece is attracting investors – Alexis Tsipras: "You will not regret it" News

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | Economy

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras praised his country on Friday before leading French company representatives as an attractive investment opportunity. The domestic economy could grow by more than two percent.
"Greece is an opportunity, a real opportunity," said the left-leaning government leader before the delegation, which accompanied France's President Emmanuel Macron on an Athens visit. "You will not regret your choice." For the Greek government, the top priority was to attract investment into the country.
This has depended since 2010 on the help of the Euro partners. In return, the government has launched reforms in Athens, including cuts in the pension and tax system. In August 2018, the third rescue package will cost up to € 86 billion. Then Greece wants to refinance itself completely through the capital market. A successful test run took place in July when five-year government bonds with a volume of three billion euros were placed.
Meanwhile, Greek central bank chief Yannis Stournaras is promoting closer cooperation between the euro area countries. The Monetary Community should be reformed and equipped with effective instruments for future crises, the ECB Councilor wrote in a guest commentary published on Saturday in the newspaper "Ta Nea".
The euro zone needs to be strengthened because the ECB can not be the only institution with responsibility for the stability of the monetary community. Nor could it continue its ultralock money policy endlessly. Used is an ambitious and at the same time realistic plan for a closer financial policy interlinking of the euro zone. Stournaras was also behind Germany's move to set up a European Monetary Fund.


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