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"Great day for Switzerland": Lüthi contented himself with second place

Monday, September 11th, 2017 | Sports

11. September 2017 – 12:28

Dominique Aegerter & Tom Lüthi are looking forward to a double victory in Misano

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(cafetheology.org) – The Moto2 race in San Marino was dominated by Switzerland. With Dominique Aegerter and Tom Lüthi on the first and second places, the neutral country in the heart of Europe could look forward to a premiere. Never before has there been a Swiss double victory. "A great day for our country," said the World Cup's second. While Lüthi was able to make up 20 championship points on his sharpest rival Franco Morbidelli, Kiefer-Aegerter was able to look forward to his second Moto2 victory – to Germany 2014. However, the signs were not triumphant either at Aegerter or at Lüthi. "When I woke up in the morning, I was not happy," says Aegerter after the race, explaining, "It has been raining and I have driven a strong weekend in the dry." In the wet warm-up, the Suter pilot was only on the eighth position. Lüthi had to be content with position 16 – and to dig a fall in turn 4. "I had a blocking front wheel, which comes from the nothing, suddenly the front wheel stops very cautious and tried to barely handle the brake in the race, "Lüthi says. He had to build up confidence again from the starting grid seven in the first laps. Aegerter, on the other hand, had a better starting position with third place, which he could also use. "The conditions were very difficult, sometimes it was very slippery, the laps felt long," says the winner. Finally, in lap four he inherited the lead from the World Cup leader, who had flown off in turn 8. "After Morbidelli was overthrown, I thought I was not allowed to push too much, I wanted to drive quiet, then I already saw that Tom is coming, but I could stay nice in the front." Lüthi found a good rhythm, was still concerned by the warm-up crash. When he saw Morbidelli's fall in the fourth round, he immediately thought of the World Cup, the 31-year-old admits. "I then thought back and forth, but in the end I had to settle for second place," he admits. "I have tried two or three times with a little more risk, but at this level it is not so easy. "In round 17 the lead changed briefly, but Aegerter could still keep the upper hand. "When he had the rider, I was in the front, but I could not keep my line in the corner, otherwise the danger would have been big that the front wheel would fold in," explains Lüthi. "The win was close, but I was thinking about the championship, I also realized that Syahrin had a lot of pressure at the end, but I could not just go and get away, the risk might have been too high the World Cup ": Lüthi gets 20 points. Lüthi has to see that Aegerter was just stronger on the brake in Misano, although he notes that he had some more speed at the corner exit. "The last two rounds felt infinitely long," Aegerter must confess. "When I crossed the finish line, I felt so relieved that in a country as small as Switzerland, it would be good for motorcycling if we were both on the podium. And for the Moto2 World Championship too, the 13th race brought more tension. Nine points separate Morbidelli and Lüthi at the top. As a "great day for the World Cup", Lüthi describes that Sunday in September. "I just had to stay calm, so I could catch up with 20 points, which was an important step, and now I have to put pressure on him."


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