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Graphics card: Sonnets eGFX Breakaway Box costs 330 euros

Friday, August 18th, 2017 | Gadgets

Sonnet has released the eGFX Breakaway Box: The external Thunderbolt 3 housing is suitable for graphics cards with two slots and has an integrated power supply. The box is designed to connect to a small notebook that has little GPU performance. Thus an Ultrabook with a graphics box becomes a gaming or VR system. The Sonnet model measures 34 x 20.2 x 18.5 cm and therefore also accommodates 30 cm cards.

The eGFX Breakaway Box is available in three versions: The 350 Watt model delivers up to 300 watts to the graphics card via 8- and 6-pin plugs and can charge a notebook with up to 15 watts. The 550 Watt pedant is equipped with two 8-pin connectors for up to 375 watts for the pixel accelerator and supplies a laptop with up to 87 watts. The EGPU-Box designated by Apple as an External Graphics Development Kit is similar to the 350 Watt version. For the graphics card are 225 watts ready, for a Macbook 60 watts.
Thunderbolt 3 brakes
The Sonnet graphics card enclosure is equipped with a 50 cm Thunderbolt-3 cable, just like other speakers, such as the Razer Core we tested. This has four PCIe Gen3 lanes to connect the eGPU to the host system. Compared to 16 lanes, this reduces the performance – how much depends on the application and its settings. Users must expect a speed reduction of less than 10 to over 25 percent.

For a Macbook or an ultrabook with weak iGPU, an eGPU is nevertheless a clear performance gain. Sonnet is selling the already available eGFX Breakaway Box for 330 euros, the larger version is available from the end of September 2017. We tap between 450 and 500 Euro.


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