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Grand Prix of Belgium: FIA punishes shortcut in turn 4

Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Sports

26 August 2017 – 13:35
Race leader Charlie Whiting wants to use the "Cheat Loop" system Schummler to transfer – who abbreviated in the "Raidillon" -curve, the lap times in the quali

If you leave the track with all four wheels, you are in trouble

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(cafetheology.org) – In qualifying for the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa and in the race on Sunday, drivers will face penalties if they cut the track in turn 4. In the so-called "Raidillon" curve – the link curve at the upper end of the Eau Rouge – it is forbidden to leave the track with all four wheels and thereby gain an advantage. Already in the free trainings some pilots had been caught. If this happens in the qualifying, the corresponding lap time would be deleted, FIA race leader Charlie Whiting told the teams on Saturday morning in a letter. The race management had at appropriate place sensors behind the edge, which indicate when a car the course with all Four wheels. The official "Cheat Loop", which is to be the "cheaters" ("cheaters"), is called on the official time-keeping mem- bers. Whiting told the teams that the race management would go through with breaches. In the race on Sunday, a driver will be warned as soon as he is more than three times off the track. "In qualifying, the stewards will delete each round on which the sensors point behind the center of curve 4. On the third exit of the course during the race, the driver will receive the black- White flag, and any further leaving will be reported to the Stewards, "says Whiting's official letter, which the teams received on Saturday. Also the command rooms of the racing stables are informed about the official news system, if one of their cars leaves the track in curve 4.


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