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Google to present compact Google Home and new Chromebook Pixel

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 | Gadgets

In the fall it is once again time for a hardware event from Google. In the course of this, the presentation of a new generation of in-house pixel smartphones, which are delivered with Android 8.0 Oreo ex factory, can be expected. But this is only a part of what Google should think, as the well-connected bloggers of Android Police report.

          As David Ruddock from Android Police wants to learn from a reliable source, Google will present for the first time since 2015 a new Chromebook, a notebook on a Chrome-OS basis. According to Ruddock, the device could be a further development of the project "Bison". The Bison notebook should originally be based on Andromeda – an Android version that is optimized for the desktop, among other things. But the development of Andromeda has now been stopped. As an alternative, however, Fuchsia is to be made – but Fuchsia is not finished yet. Accordingly, Google remains loyal to its Chrome OS, which is quite successful in the US, until further notice. Concrete details about the Chromebook has not Android Police, but it should be considered as a direct response to Apple's Macbook and Microsoft's Surface Pro. Ruddock is also not entirely sure that the new Pixel Chromebook is based on Bison – it could just as well be a product with the codename "Eve", which often appears in the Chromium code. The notebook should have features like a dedicated Google assistant button, a fingerprint sensor and hotword recognition on board. One thing, however, can be considered safe: in autumn, a new high-end Chromebook from Google will be released. This is not enough: One year after the introduction of Google Home, there should be a more compact version of the small can with integrated Google Assistant. Given the success of Amazon's affordable Echo Dot, it is hardly surprising that Google has a similar product in the pipeline. It would be quite conceivable that a smaller home-box in the similar price segment as the Echo Dot (affiliate link) is located at just under 60 euros (or cheaper) and thus an ideal entry into the world of the language-controlled home networking. Until Google announces its new products, a few weeks in the country may strike – at the earliest at the end of September, at the latest at the end of October a hardware event is expected. Last year, Google unveiled its new pixel models, Google Home and more on October 4. This entry first appeared on t3n.de





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