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Google mother wants to go to Lyft service

Friday, September 15th, 2017 | Gadgets

The Google mother alphabet wants loudly according to media reports in the over-competitor Lyft einsteigen. It could amount to an amount of one billion dollars, wrote the financial service Bloomberg and the "Wall Street Journal" on the night to Friday. Such a deal would once again shift the fronts in the mobility business: Alphabet is also a major investor in the competition with the best known service agent but at the same time in court for robotic vehicle technology.

          Alphabet would not be the first investor to try to secure shares in multiple car rental providers. For example, the Japanese technology group Softbank has already been involved in several over- competitors. Now, according to the "Wall Street Journal", the company also wants to acquire up to 22 percent of Uber and take around ten billion dollars in the hand. In an interview, an auction, in which Softbank could buy shares of today's investors, said it. This would be the largest ever single investment in a start-up. For Uber, which had already been valued at up to 69 billion dollars in previous financing rounds, this would mean a clear price cut. Some investors were worried that this could make the planned stock exchange difficult. At the same time, Uber had been repeatedly shaken by scandals, which also affected the reputation of the customer service. And some over-investors argued that Softbank could put the money into other rivals. dpa





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