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Google image recognition: first references to Lens in the Google app

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017 | Gadgets

In the APK of the current beta version of Google's Android app, the 9to5Google website has found code fragments that point to the Lens feature. With the help of Lens and their smartphone camera users should be able to capture objects, which are then evaluated by artificial intelligence. In this way, the system is to provide information to the user.

Google had presented Lens on the Google I / O 2017. The feature should be included in the Google Assistant and in Google Photos, so you can analyze your already recorded photos. 9to5Google has been able to integrate the found code parts into a working app and should have created the first working version of Lens.
Development is clearly still at the beginning
The scope of use is admittedly still limited. Via a special button in the Google app's search line, Lens can be started, as can be seen in a video. Then you can scan the text, which the app also recognizes. If a word is typed, Google searches for more information.
This feature is not new in itself and has been in the form of Google Goggles for years. However, Lens also seems to be at the beginning of its development. On Google I / O 2017 Google CEO Sundar Pichai had shown different application scenarios, which go far beyond mere text search. Thus, with Lens, for example, the SSID and password from a router should be photographed and automatically copied into the settings of the Android device. Other usage scenarios are the recognition of flowers or shops.

Wannlens will actually be available, is currently not known.


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