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Google Cloud Platform: Google Sharing Cloud Offer in Network Animals

Thursday, August 24th, 2017 | Gadgets

Google converts the payment model of its cloud infrastructure and enters the offer in Network Service Tiers. In future, there will be a premium animal and a standard animal. The offer is currently available as an alpha version. The main difference between both animals is that the premium tier uses the global Google Cloud network, while the
Standard tier on regional Internet infrastructures. Customers using the Google Cloud Platform are already registered for the premium tier.

    The premium tier enables global load balancing. (Picture: Google)

This means that they have access to Google's global network. Google also provides global load balancing, distributing large amounts of data across multiple globally deployed nodes. This is different with the standard animal. This version also offers load balancing, but only on nodes nearby. Data traffic is also routed via the public Internet. Premium users have access to the stand-alone Google Network. According to the Cold Potato principle, data are only managed by one provider – in the case of Google.
Standard animal for smaller businesses
While the premium animal is targeted at large and globally active companies, the standard animal is intended for small and medium-sized enterprises. Depending on the quality of the local network infrastructure, the data transfer and, above all, latencies are very different. Google speaks of a network quality that is "comparable to other cloud service providers".

    The prices for the animals are billed in gigabytes. (Picture: Google)

In the standard tier, Virtual Private Networks and Content Delivery Networks are disabled on the Google Network. A premium status is required for these functions. Prices do not change much, but Gigabyte charges for the intercontinental transfer as well as to China and Oceania are summarized. This should make the price model clearer. The gradations are also somewhat finer and are further reduced with a throughput of 150 terabytes. The new standard animal is generally less expensive than the premium animal.


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