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German politicians visit NATO base in Konya

Friday, September 8th, 2017 | World News

After a long dispute with the Turkish government several German Bundestag members visited the German soldiers at the NATO base Konya in Turkey on Friday. They report Turkish, British and French news agencies.

The politicians landed in the late morning with an Awacs aircraft at the military airport. The trip will take place under the direction of the deputy NATO Secretary General Rose Gottemoeller from Brussels.

The Turkish government had denied German politicians a visit to self-government in July. The Alliance intervened and made the journey possible. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg then worked as an intermediary. It is unclear according to the news agency Reuters, whether visits will be possible only through the detour of Nato.

Bundestag representatives of several parties demand that, before the decision on a new mandate, clarity should prevail over any kind of uncomplicated travel arrangements. The German Armed Forces has ended its anti-IS reconnaissance mission from the Incirlik base because Turkey did not approve the visit to German politicians.

NATO base in the country's interior
Konya is unlike Incirlik a NATO base. The military alliance starts from there with Awacs machines to flights over Turkey and international airspace. The airplanes work like flying radar stations, their use is to prevent air mishaps in the border area to the civil war country Syria.

In Konya, depending on the flight activity of the Awacs machines, up to 25 Bundeswehr soldiers are usually deployed. In the past few days, according to insiders, a handful of German soldiers were on the ground, and many more flew with the deputies with the NATO machine on Friday.

Diplomatic relationship at the low point
The relations between the NATO partners Turkey and Germany have been at a low point since the coup attempt in Ankara. Ten Germans – including "World" correspondent Deniz YĆ¼cel – are imprisoned in Turkey. The Turkish government accuses them of political offenses.

The Turkish authorities released an eleventh German police officer from the police on Thursday. He must not leave the country. As a result of the tensions, Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel are striving to end the EU accession negotiations with Turkey. They do not have a majority in the EU.

"No sustainable, viable solution"
According to the Federal Government, the visit of German delegates to Turkey under NATO leadership can only be a temporary compromise. With the political and diplomatic effort, the "of course, is not a viable solution," said a Foreign Ministry spokesman. "Man" had to find other possibilities.

SPD Deputy Rainer Arnold told the AFP before the visit that "the pressure is a bit far from the boiler", the problem but "structurally not resolved". The Federal Government also had to find a solution for future visits, with nothing against a visit by invitation and accompanied by NATO representatives. "It must not be a petition process," said defense expert Arnold.

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