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German politicians are reacting to Turkey's warning of war

Saturday, September 9th, 2017 | World News

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has urged the nation's citizens to travel to Germany and the Turks living in Germany to "caution". In a "travel warning" the ministry provides advice on how Turks should behave in Germany in order not to be jeopardized.

Turks should "not engage in political debates" and react to "racist and xenophobic aggression" with caution. In addition, Turkish citizens should "stay away from election campaigns of political parties and squares", where rallies or demonstrations organized or sponsored by "terrorist organizations are tolerated by the German authorities".

Response to new course of the federal government
The "warning of travel" is apparently a reaction of Turkey to the federal government, which took place in the middle of July against the government in Ankara and tightened the travel instructions for Turkey. Since the coup attempt in July 2016, "more German nationals were arbitrarily imprisoned" in Turkey, according to the indications.

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz immediately criticized Turkey:

Turkey is issuing travel warning for Germany. The fact is, in Turkey, journalists are not arrested who say their opinions. – Martin Schulz (@MartinSchulz) September 9, 2017
He was dismayed at this development, said Schulz on the sidelines of an election campaign in Mainz. "The government in Ankara is losing the measure, and the relations between Turkey and the Federal Republic of Germany are not allowed to develop as it is obviously systematically advanced in Ankara," said Schulz.

Schulz: Turkey moves away from the principles of Europe
When it goes on like this, one must say in the plain text: "Germany is not a country that can accept any humiliation from Turkey." Turkey, in an unacceptable and dangerous manner, withdraws itself from all principles of international relations and from the principles of Europe.

He could only appeal to the Turkish government to stop this road and return to constructive cooperation. With this approach, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan certainly does not impress the people in Germany.

Özdemir: "Do not fall for this Erdogan propaganda!"
Green-top candidate Cem Özdemir said Erdogan's behavior was "unworthy of a president". "He wants to carry the split mushroom to Germany, we can not allow that," added the Greens chairman. "I asked our German-Turkish fellow men:" Do not fall for Erdogan's propaganda. "

No, @RT_Erdogan, #Germany is not anti-Turkish. We fight for freedom of mind – on our marketplaces & everywhere. #Democracy https://t.co/C6pu2NavTi- Cem Özdemir (@cem_oezdemir) September 9, 2017


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