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Gentlemen's Agreement? Oil combustion remains a topic …

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 | Sports

29. August 2017 – 11:46

The latest Mercedes engine still runs with 1.2 liters of oil on 100 kilometers

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(cafetheology.org) – The idea to burn oil in the combustion process in the engine in order to increase the performance remains a hot topic behind the scenes of the Formula 1 season 2017. Last weekend in Spa-Francorchamps there were different media reports in connection with the latest update of the Mercedes engine. As a result, there will be tensions over a gentlemen's agreement allegedly broken by Mercedes. To the background: To deal with the burning of oil in the engine, the FIA ​​published several (binding) technical guidelines this year. Among other things, in July, the teams were informed that each engine used for the first time at the Monza weekend should burn a maximum of 0.9 liters of oil per 100 kilometers. There was a more tolerant limit of 1.2 liters for all engines used before Monza. Before, 'auto motor und sport', citing FIA racing director Charlie Whiting, had reported that, starting from Monza, all engines burn a maximum of 0.9 liters of oil per 100 kilometers allowed. And 'Auto Bild motorsport' reported anger at Ferrari, because between Ferrari and Mercedes a gentlemen's agreement should have given to introduce a new engine in the sense of equality of opportunity at the earliest in Monza. Then: Mercedes may drive until the end of the season with engines, which up to To 1.2 liters of oil, while Ferrari has not yet pulled the fourth engine into the pool and is thus limited to 0.9 liters. Ferrari will not be particularly happy about this, but a specific gentlemen's agreement that both teams will introduce their new engines at the earliest in Monza has not been given at least according to information from 'cafetheology.org'. "We are bitter competitors and Our relationship is such that we put our heads together when there is a problem, which we then discuss behind closed doors, "says Mercedes-Sportchef Toto Wolff to the alleged violation of an alleged gentlemen's agreement. "But that has never been discussed, we have to be careful not to spread publicly the things that are simply not true."


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